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Erika Luckett

Erika Luckett creates a powerful expression of world-inspired music. Poetic and rich, her voice conveys lyrical depth, and her fiery, innovative guitar playing creates an orchestra of sound with only six strings. Growing up in a fluid current of culture, savoring the richness of the Amazon, the urban rhythms of Sao Paulo and the percolating warmth of the Caribbean gave Erika an early appreciation for the interconnectedness of people and cultures. Her music (sung in five different languages) ushers the world into the heart of her listeners.

This is an artist whose music and intention are about building bridges, upholding the beauty and depth of our human expression, and inspiring her audience. Her music, partnerships, and recognition span the globe. She has collaborated closely with international environmental organizations as well as those striving to expand human consciousness and open the heart.

From her performance at the 20th Anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum to being honored as “One of the 100 Most Outstanding Women of the Year” (along with Oprah, Madonna and Queen Elizabeth) by both The Jewish Post and Modern Woman Today Magazine, Erika Luckett shows the power of music to transform and unite people across the globe.Quick Quotes: “One of the most important and original singer songwriters on the international scene. (PureMusic)” Luckett is a major presence on the landscape of world music. She is powerful, amazingly innovative, with depth, warmth, intelligence and unsurpassed versatility. In brief: A giant!”