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October 5th - October 7th, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions for Provincetown Inspiration Weekend

Do I need to have spiritual practices or be of a certain belief to benefit from this?
No you do not. This event is for every person who would like to invest in his or her well-being. Your individual well being matters. This is the only belief you need to have to attend.

Do I have to be a musical person? Do I have to be able to sing since music is such a big part of this?
No you do not. You will be moved to move and inspired to sing a long but you don’t have to!

Do I need to dress a certain way?
Yes, you should come as yourself! We expect everything from jeans and t-shirts, to goddess wear and gender fluid expressions and we welcome them all.

Is this a women’s event or a gay and lesbian event?
This event will include women and gay and lesbian people (and we hope transgender people too) but it is not specifically for any category of person other than those who embrace the idea that what each of us thinks, says and does matters to the whole.

I notice that there is a wine and cheese reception. I am in the Program and would expect there will be other options.
We are not providing food and drink for the most part during this event but whenever we do there will be a non-alcoholic option. There are many meetings in Provincetown for you to attend while you are here.

How accessible is the town of Provincetown?
Our main meeting space, Fishermen Hall 12 Winslow Street, is accessible including ramps and an elevator. The main street in Provincetown is flat and it is acceptable and common to move through the town on the road when there is limited space on the old narrow sidewalks. You will find walkers and those traveling in wheeled chairs and other devices traveling down the middle of the street. If you have special needs for your accommodations please contact them early, as limited rooms are available. Please do contact us if you have any difficulty.

What can I expect to get out of the Inspiration Weekend?
If you are willing to listen to the music and speakers with an open heart, follow the prompts and push past your comfort zone, you will leave the weekend with a stronger connection to yourself, your inner wisdom and the love and peace that are an inexhaustible resource.

Do I have to attend every event?
It is for your benefit to stay in the environment of deepening the connection and practicing ways to fill your inner well and enhance your well being. It is not required but highly recommended. What ever portions you attend you will find value.

What if I am interested in sponsoring the Inspiration Weekend?
We would love to have you! Please contact the founder Christie Hardwick at

What if I am interested in performing at the Inspiration Weekend?
Each year immediately following the event we invite and confirm the inspiration team so that our weekend is on their calendars. Please let Christie know that you are interested so she can learn more about you. We are planning to have a section on Saturday that allows guests a 5 minute slot to share their inspiration with the audience. You may want to introduce yourself in that way also. Christie can be reached at